What Factors Are Behind The Kelowna Real Estate Boom?

The Canadian province of British Columbia is a place of extreme beauty. Kelowna real estate is crying out for new listings. This is a good time to put a property up for sale.

What is driving this interest in property? Perhaps it is the long, meandering Lake Okanagan passing through the city. The province is on the west coast of Canada. Kelowna, aka Orchard City or K-town, is in the middle of BC on a line of latitude that bisects Vancouver Island.

The first settlers in the town arrived from France in 1859. The city was incorporated in 1905. The climate of the area is described as humid continental. This means it experiences sunny, dry summers; cloudy, cold winters and four distinct seasons. It has an elevation of only 344 metres. Notable people from Kelowna include WAC Bennett, the late Premier of British Columbia, sports figures including Jason and Mike Crumb, Byron Dafoe and Tyler Shelast.

A large chunk of the local economy is financed by tourism. Visitors come for hiking, golf, boating and cycling in the warmer months of late spring and summer, while it is Alpine and Nordic skiers who take their vacations here in winter, staying at the nearby resorts of Silver Star and Big White. There is plenty to do here all year round. Historic attractions include the Benvoulin Heritage Church, the Laurel Building and Father Pandosy Mission. Wine country, of course is popular with tourists and there are various social events throughout the year with wine at the center.

The town is completely surrounded by huge nature reserves, placing it at the center of a huge oxygen factory. Greystone and Trepanier protected areas form the east-west axis of tranquility, while Fintry and Myra-Bellevue provincial parks form the south-north.

Wine production is another major industry in Kelowna. Most of the vineyards are south of the town, where the climate is most favorable for vineyards. A fire that started in Okanagan Mountain Park demolished two of them in 2003, but they have since been resurrected. In 2014, the area was named one of the ten best wine regions to visit by USA today.

The city is also home to a popular soft drink manufacturer. The city is also home to two institutions of higher learning, the University of British Columbia, home to 8,000 students, and Okanagan College, which boasts 5,000 students. Faculties at the Okanagan campus of UBC include Creative and Critical Studies, Education, Applied Science, Health and Social Development, Management and Medicine.

The quality of life in Kelowna is considered to be very high by organizations who monitor a variety of factors and publish quantitative data. Purchasing power, safety and health care are rated moderate to high, while negative QOL indicators, such as consumer price index, pollution, traffic and the property price to income ratio are all low.

The town has been immortalized on the silver screen. Both Shed and Shed 2, snowboarding films, were both shot at Big White ski resort, as was the cult thriller/horror/comedy/zombie film, Fido. The latter film was set in the 1950s and involved a cloud of cosmic radiation that turned the dead into the nearly dead.

Public transportation is limited, probably owing to the local devotion to the automobile, which is responsible for two-thirds of the total greenhouse emissions in Kelowna. What bus services there are are overseen by the Kelowna Regional Transit System (KRTS).

Living in Kelowna is idyllic by anyone’s estimation. Wherever you look, there is nature. There is plenty of room to move and an obviously high quality of life. Crime rates are low. They seem to be associated with misbehavior at events where alcohol is served and even these are few and far between. The high demand for homes is hardly surprising and this is a good time to sell. However, the place is bound to increase in popularity, making it also a good time to invest, either as a first or second home or as an investment.