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Fun Parties or Events With A Social Media Photo Booth

A social media photo booth is one of the newest technologies to hit the party, event planning, and marketing scene. With social media photos going viral in seconds, big companies can truly capture any moment with these images and share them in seconds. On the flip side, if you are hosting a party or event, that you want everyone to remember and enjoy, this photo booth can also come in handy.

New Store Opening

For a business opening a new store, this social media photo booth is a great addition. You can place it in front of the store, and have images taken with new customers, have images taken with endorsers of the business, and have images taken of the new product lines you sell in stores. Since photos will post on Facebook right away, if you so choose- your followers will immediately get wind of the new store, and see new merchandise being posted. Also, any photo posted on Instagram with a hashtag that we create just for you can be captured by the photo gallery. That’s great news for you because now your customers are posting for you as well as the booth! This instant gratification for business will result in new customers, new local shoppers, and people being able to see your new store, the minute it opens.

Wedding or Anniversary Party

At a wedding or anniversary party, the social media photo booth is also a great way for family and friends to remember the date. In addition to savings great images, you can create fun scenes with the green screen, and take creative pictures on the date. You won’t have to hire a professional photographer; you can set up the new orleans photo booth, and allow guests to make their own fun pictures, as they enter the reception hall, and at different times during the event.

New Gallery Opening

For an art gallery, this is a great way to share the new talent and new art that is being put on display, with others on the web as well. You can take images of the attendees, as well as still frames of the work that is being displayed at the opening, or gallery showing. By instantly being able to post these photos on your social media sites, your followers, and art fans alike can see the new art, even if they can’t attend the opening; and, for those who attend, they can see the images afterward as well. Not only that, but galleries would be able to sell the art online, even to those who can’t attend. By posting images of the art online, potential buyers can inquire about bidding online or if they are interested in a particular piece of art.

These are many ways in which a social media photo booth can be used. No matter what big event, social gathering, or store opening you have coming up, this is a great way to capture excellent shots, and share them immediately. By posting to your social media pages instantaneously, not only do you have the ability to share with friends, as events are happening, you also have the ability to enjoy the images after the fact, when you see them on your friends’ walls, or your own social media pages.