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Essential Oils – The Natural Remedy For Anxiety

Anxiety affects us all from time to time. When people, events or even our own thoughts threaten us, the flight or fight response is triggered and physical and mental symptoms occur. These symptoms, which can include rapid breathing and heart rate, nausea, fear, dread, and worry can be soothed by using aromatherapy. If you are looking for a natural remedy for anxiety, here are the essential oils that can help.

Patchouli (pogostermon cablin)
Patchouli has a well-deserved reputation in aromatherapy and is renowned for its warm earthy aroma. A member of the mint family, it is a perennial plant with a hairy stem and large, fragrant, furry leaves. The oil is used as an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, astringent, stimulating and tonic agent. The nervous system, it helps reduce tension, insomnia, and anxiety. Patchouli oil is an uplifting fragrance that helps to soothe away everyday stress and bring about a sense of calm.

Lavender (lavandula oficinalis)
Lavender has been used since ancient times as much for its fragrance as well as it’s therapeutic properties. Romans added the herb to their bath water, hence the name is derived from the word ‘lavare’, meaning to wash. It is by far, the most widely used and multifaceted of all essential oils. The scent of lavender buoys the spirit and assists in the re-balancing of mental and physical bearings and can be used to reduce anxious feelings, stress and promote sleep.

Roman Chamomile (anthemis nobilis L)
Roman Chamomile has a long tradition in herbal medicine and is one of the oldest known herbs in ancient Egypt and Mediterranean countries. The relaxing aroma of this oil, which is sometimes described as ‘apples and straw’ is a rich and exotic scent. Chamomile is presumably the most widely used nervine in the western world and as legend has it, Peter Rabbit’s mother gave him Roman Chamomile tea to calm him down after his adventures in Mr. MacGregor’s garden. This oil relaxes and tones the nervous system and is especially helpful where tension and anxiety produce digestive symptoms such as colic, gas, pains and even ulcers.

Ylang Ylang (cananga odorata)
Ylang ylang is said to be an aphrodisiac and is sometimes used as a substitute for the more expensive jasmine. In Indonesia, the flower petals are strewn upon the bed of newlywed couples. Ylang ylang has a sweet and exotic floral scent and is a very effective natural remedy for anxiety, especially during a panic attack. This oil can assist with problems such as rapid breathing and heartbeat, high blood pressure, nervous conditions, as well as frigidity and impotence.

Clary Sage (salvia scarlea)
In aromatherapy, clary sage is viewed as an antispasmodic, hypotensive, emmenagogue, deodorant, tonic, sedative and uterine. There is additionally some documentation of its efficiency in helping to relax the spasms of asthma. Clary sage essential oil has an earthy, fruity and floral aroma that is both herbaceous and nutty. It is known to induce feelings of mild euphoria in some people and can be used to calm the nervous system, particularly in cases of stress, depression, insomnia, and deep-seated tension.

Essential oils can be used on their own or mixed together to create a synergy blend that enhances their healing properties. We are going to look at where to find edens garden essential oils. Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years and it has been found to be a very effective natural remedy for anxiety.