Off Road Utility – Types and Features of Utility Vehicles

A utility vehicle is any type of vehicle that can be used for a specific task. These are used for everything from construction to lifting cargo in industrial settings. One main type of vehicle that is used frequently in repairing power lines is the off road utility vehicle. These must be rugged enough to traverse all types of terrain. However, there are many different other types of vehicles that fall under this category as well, which are well worth taking a look at. Utility terrain vehicles are slightly different from all terrain vehicles, for example. These usually have a side by side seating scheme.

The best types of off road utility vehicles that are designed for all areas of rugged terrain are also notable for having seat belts as well as some sort of protection in case the machine rolls over. When you are operating this type of industrial vehicle out in an area with no paved roads, as part of some repair operation or construction project, you will want to be sure that the vehicle is as protected as possible. This will help you from tipping over. They usually have a cargo box included as well, so that you can store whatever parts you need to move from point A to point B, which is one of the main purposes of using these types of utility vehicles.

Most of the vehicles that fall under the category of “all terrain” are capable of holding a load of anywhere from 125 to 200 pounds, in addition to the weight of the passengers. However, for off road utility vehicles that are capable of heavy lifting, you will want to look at utility terrain vehicles, which can carry upwards of 1000 pounds. This payload will need to be carried below the top of the tires, so that it can lower the center of gravity and help keep the vehicle balanced even in unsteady conditions.

There are many different shapes and sizes that you might see off road utility vehicles sold in. Some have four tires, while others will be mounted onto moving tracks. Others will have upwards of six tires. The steering capability will also differ dramatically in between different models of machine, with some offering four wheel drive or automatic options, and others having manual steering. These are just a few different factors to look at when you deciding which type of utility vehicle will be the best for your next project.