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Great Party Ideas — Bouncing Houses and Moon Jumps

So you are planning to throw a party for your Child’s birthday, now you need to work out how you plan to entertain them.

From my own experience I have learnt that for most children between the ages of two and ten an inflatable bouncing house or moon jump is a fantastic party idea!

For those of you that don’t know what they are or have never come across this concept I will explain. An inflatable bouncing house is a large inflatable structure generally with an area for bouncing on. In the UK they are called bouncy castles, they are so called because the first bouncing houses in the UK were actually shaped like castles with turrets and towers. Nowadays the shapes and designs are very varied, you can find bouncing houses with inflatable slides attached to them, or with other inflatable structures inside for climbing on. Find more info at []

The artwork themes of bouncing houses can really thrill a child who is fanatical about a television character, as you can find many units with specific themes.

The great thing about having a bouncing house at your party is that while you are busy preparing food and decorating your home, the rental company will come and erect the structure for you, so all you need to do is switch the electric plug on and you are ready to go.

No need to worry about party games as once the children get on the bouncer you will have a hard job getting them off!

At the end of the party the rental company will come back and take the structure away.

Rental rates for bouncing houses are not very expensive, but when you are selecting a rental company there are a couple of things to find out first.
Make sure that the units they use are clean and regularly maintained, and ask whether they have insurance. It is likely that you will be asked to sign a responsibility waiver, which basically states that you will be responsible for the safe use of the children using the bouncing house.

Moon jumps and bounce houses are not just for the enjoyment of children either, you can rent them for adult parties too. Now there’s an idea!

Off Road Utility – Types and Features of Utility Vehicles

A utility vehicle is any type of vehicle that can be used for a specific task. These are used for everything from construction to lifting cargo in industrial settings. One main type of vehicle that is used frequently in repairing power lines is the off road utility vehicle. These must be rugged enough to traverse all types of terrain. However, there are many different other types of vehicles that fall under this category as well, which are well worth taking a look at. Utility terrain vehicles are slightly different from all terrain vehicles, for example. These usually have a side by side seating scheme.

The best types of off road utility vehicles that are designed for all areas of rugged terrain are also notable for having seat belts as well as some sort of protection in case the machine rolls over. When you are operating this type of industrial vehicle out in an area with no paved roads, as part of some repair operation or construction project, you will want to be sure that the vehicle is as protected as possible. This will help you from tipping over. They usually have a cargo box included as well, so that you can store whatever parts you need to move from point A to point B, which is one of the main purposes of using these types of utility vehicles.

Most of the vehicles that fall under the category of “all terrain” are capable of holding a load of anywhere from 125 to 200 pounds, in addition to the weight of the passengers. However, for off road utility vehicles that are capable of heavy lifting, you will want to look at utility terrain vehicles, which can carry upwards of 1000 pounds. This payload will need to be carried below the top of the tires, so that it can lower the center of gravity and help keep the vehicle balanced even in unsteady conditions.

There are many different shapes and sizes that you might see off road utility vehicles sold in. Some have four tires, while others will be mounted onto moving tracks. Others will have upwards of six tires. The steering capability will also differ dramatically in between different models of machine, with some offering four wheel drive or automatic options, and others having manual steering. These are just a few different factors to look at when you deciding which type of utility vehicle will be the best for your next project.

Five Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Tinder

Tinder is probably the most efficient way to meet someone today. The reason for that is that it allows you to approach virtually hundreds of people in one single day. It is mathematical. The more you attempt to meet girls, more you increase your chances of succeeding at finding a girl. Furthermore, it is mainly based on the appearance. Indeed, if the girl matches you on Tinder, it means she’s interested. That’s probably the most powerful feature of Tinder actually. It is targeted because the girls who match you on Tinder, and speak to you, like you physically at least and, therefore, are interested. Lastly, it allows you to meet girls located near you. Indeed, it is a very important factor to girls. The girls always want to meet someone who lives near them so they can expect to have a serious relationship because of the fact that distance will never be an issue if everything is going well. This will significantly increase your chances of succeeding in meeting a girl and it also allows you to save time and money as well. Indeed, you can start the process of meeting and discovering a girl through the application from your bed, without the need of going to the club, the bar, and so on. Regardless, there are 5 mistakes you should avoid when using Tinder. I will set them out in the next issue of newsletter.

Mistake #1: Not putting at least three appropriate pictures of yourself. As I said earlier, Tinder is based on the appearance so you have to make sure to pick the best three pictures of yourself. The first picture is very important. You need to put a picture so we can see both your face and chest. Yes, the girls want to see your face but also your chest so she can see your muscles. I am not saying that you need to have a lot of muscles but we all know that being in a good shape helps. The aim of this first picture is to get the girl’s attention and the best way to do it is the beauty or the muscles that emphasize the sexual desire, which is the first attraction the girls can have straight away by looking at your first picture. Then, you can add another picture of when you are with some friends or family members on holidays. The aim of that picture is to show to the girls that you have a good social life. It is very important for the girls to get this. Indeed, it means that you are like a normal person, you are happy, you are travelling, and you are enjoying the life. It also means that you are friendly indirectly. This will bring confidence to the girls. Lastly, you can choose another picture where we can see all of you. The aim of that picture will be to confirm that you are in a good shape. Furthermore, the girls pay attention to the height so they would be able to figure out your height on that picture.

Mistake #2: Not using Tinder while overseas. A lot of girls like people who come from abroad because it is different. The difference leads to curiosity and I would say that it is the human nature to be curious. Indeed, I have used Tinder in different countries and I have been surprised by how well it works in some countries, especially in the Netherlands. Indeed, in some countries, like the Netherlands, the population is very concentrated because it is a small country. As the result, you have a lot of girls in a relative small area. Once again, it is mathematical. The more you attempt to meet girls, more you increase your chances of finding a girl. The same conditions can happen in the big cities everywhere in the world.

Mistake #3: Not keeping your introduction simple. Sometimes, I have seen people writing a book to introduce themselves. I mean, you don’t want to do this. It is boring. The girls don’t want to spend an hour reading your introduction. Furthermore, if you say everything about yourself, what else are you going to talk about with the girl? Try to be simple as much as possible. Two-line introduction is enough. Depending on the situation, if you are in your hometown, you can say something like: “Hello, my name is XXX, I am looking for someone who can light up my days” That’s it. You don’t need to write a book. If you are overseas, for instance, you can say something like: “Hello, my name is XXX. I just got a job here. I would like to discover this new country through meeting new people, which is the best way for me to understand the culture of the country. Hopefully, this person will make me love this new country” That’s it. You have to keep in mind that the girls who match you on Tinder are interested physically first, so no matter your introduction, she matches you because she is attracted to you physically.

Mistake #4: Not asking for her phone number and a meeting in a relative short period of time. Indeed, when starting the conversation with the girl, don’t wait too long to ask her to give you her mobile to continue the conversation through WhatsApp, which is more private, or to go for a drink. A lot of girls use Tinder to play the seduction game but when it is about time to meet this kind of girl, they just disappear. It happened to me quite often. You don’t want to waste your time speaking to a girl you will never meet. Plus, asking if she can give you her mobile phone or meet you for a drink are the best way to see if she is motivated. If she says no, you might not want to continue speaking to her because there is a great chance that she is not enough motivated and you will be wasting your time. If she says yes, it sounds good because the girls would not make that effort to see you if she doesn’t think that it could go further.

Mistake #5: Not speaking to the girl like normal. I know that some guys want to impress girls using a specific way of speaking. The girls pay attention about the way you speak. It is always a good practice to use a good language. It shows the girls that you are a cultured person and thus a smart person in a sense. However, you don’t need to do too much by using words that you don’t usually use in the normal life. Try to keep it as simple as possible. Try to be natural rather than going straight away to the point. Indeed, once again, bear in mind that she matched you, which means that she likes you. Therefore, you have her attention already and don’t need to impress her anymore. Just ask simple questions, allowing you to get more information about her and feel how it goes. Then, when you think that it is the right time, you can kindly ask for her mobile phone or to meet her for a drink. The best meetings I had on Tinder, everything happened in the same week. Basically, the girl matched me and I met her in the same week. Once again, if the girl is very motivated, you are going to meet her in a very short period of time and there will be no need to force that meeting. Everything will happen smoothly.

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Inflatable Water Slide – Should I Buy?

Inflatable slides sure have come a long way from when they first came out. They have become so popular that you can even buy them from large department stores and discount clubs in your area. They look to be huge and just like the one that you saw at your kid’s friend’s birthday party. You know that the parents paid a few hundred dollars to rent that slide, and the slide in the store only costs a couple dollars extra than the rental. Why not buy?

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There are several reasons you should not buy an inflatable water slide for your own personal use.

1. Storage. Where are you going to store and inflatable water slide? They don’t roll up nice like they come from the factory. This should be a major consideration when trying to purchase one of these slides.

2. Safety. Have you been trained in how to set up a water slide properly? Inflatables are difficult to set up and take down safely. That is why there are companies who rent them and get certified with inflatable safety organizations.

3. Sanitation. Do you know how to sanitize a water slide? Mold and Mildew will ruin your new slide, and potentially get your kids sick if you do not properly sanitize your unit. This is a major concern with waterslides that not many folks consider.

Leave it to the pros when you are considering buying a waterslide. It is much easier, and cheaper to rent one when you need it and let the professionals handle the storage, safety, and sanitation.

The History and Movement of Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons. These three words bring many thoughts to many different people. People think about nerds, geeks, dorks. Others think of fun, adventurous, stimulating. Some people think of live action role playing (LARPing). The bottom line is that Dungeons and Dragons has been around for quite some time, and has entertained millions of people around the world due to its open world, open imagination based game. Dungeons and Dragons has expanded into a multi-billion dollar idea that has spawned many copies of the D20 system.

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) was first published in 1974. The game quickly grew in popularity and the demand for the basic book sky-rocketed. D&D is a D20 system. D20 systems are role-playing games where each player has a character sheet with statistics, equipment, spells, race, age, class, and other abilities. Players play on either a mat or some other form of board with which the Dungeon Master (DM) molds his story for the players enjoyment. It is called a D20 system because most actions require the player to roll a 20 sided die. D stands for die, 20 the number of sides on the die. In D&D the D20 is used to attack, make saving throws to avoid spell damage, or to use an ability such as stealth or intimidation. Damage rolls on successful attack rolls usually use D6, D8, D10, or D12s. The main focus players have in their characters are the abilities and attacks they can perform. Abilities and attacks depend greatly upon the class of the character.

Dungeons and Dragons has a plethora of classes for players to choose from. They can choose from a basic fighter, barbarian, sorcerer, wizard, bard, cleric, monk, paladin, to even a druid. There are well over 40 different classes for players to choose from and even more prestige (expansion) classes. Each class has different abilities and play a different role in the party. Players can choose from being a melee damage (rogue), ranged damage (archer, wizard), support character (bard), healer (cleric), or a tank type of character (barbarian). Dungeons and Dragons was set up to be a team game that required every player to take his role seriously. Like the common phrase says, “You only as strong as your weakest link”. If a groups healer is fooling around in combat, the entire team can suffer. The use of roles ensures everyone has an equal playing field in terms of their importance to the party.

Perhaps the greatest part of D&D is the length games can go on for. One game of D&D consists of sessions. Each session can last anywhere from one hour to an entire day depending on how dedicated and free the players and DM are. Games consist of these sessions and certain games can last several years, even up to 10+ years of gaming. I’ve personally played in games that have been going on for 3 years now and have grown attached to my character. Dungeons and Dragons is perhaps the only game that people become attached to their characters on a normal basis. Although it may take several gaming sessions, many people begin to envelope themselves in their character and each decision they make.

Many people believe D&D sessions are always a Dungeon adventure that ends with killing dragons or saving the princess. However, luckily for most gamers, the man behind D&D, Gary Gygax, added alignments to each characters. You character may be lawful, neutral, or chaotic. Several DMs make their adventures chaotic only, which leads to many characters doing whatever they want, when they want. Several of my sessions have been focused on internal issues with our party instead of external issues such as what has red eyes and is looking at us while we set up camp at night.

In my experience, the easiest characters to begin playing Dungeons and Dragons are fighters. Fighters must know their Armor Class (AC), Health Points (HP), and what attacks they can perform. Fighters have the least amount of material that needs to be memorized in order to play effectively. Although they are a simple class to play, they can play a great role in any party. Upon learning the basics of the game, experiences players may explore into the Arcane or Diving classes such as the cleric, druid, or wizard. These classes must know the same information as fighters, but must also pay attention to their spells. A good wizard knows what spells to use and when. Casting classes are limited in their spell casting capabilities and if they run out of spells, they must resort to hand to hand combat. A Wizard fighting in hand to hand combat is much like a quarterback attempting to tackle a linebacker in football.

Dungeons and Dragons is a game meant to be played by anyone. The game is only limited by your imagination. I’ve played D&D with a wide range of characters. From 16 year old punks to 65 year old grandfathers and everything in-between. It takes an open mind to try Dice Dungeon and Dragons out for the first time, but it doesn’t take a nerd or geek to enjoy playing it. I consider Dungeons and Dragons to be the equivalent of a video game, except it was first created when video games were barely even known about. Today, everyone knows what video games are and the majority of citizens enjoy playing them. If people were to try D&D just once, I’m sure they would an enjoyable experience. Dungeons and Dragons games can be found in many places. You’re able to find groups that play online or you can even walk into a comic shop and ask if they host games. D&D is more popular than most people expect. Through the use of imagination and the collective thoughts of many willing participants, Dungeons and Dragons has grown from a home-made basement gathering to a world-wide game enjoyed by millions.